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i used to know the sound of a smile in your voice

not to quote a song but,

"Some say that
Time changes
Best friends can
Become strangers
But I don't want that
No, not for you
If you just stay with me, we can make it through
Here we are again
The same old argument
And I'm wonderin'
If things'll ever change, yeah
When will you laugh again?
Laugh like you did back when?
We'd make noise til 3 AM and the neighbors would complain"

Well, now that i'm over that I will go back to my usual self. Today I dwelled on the past for awhile and found out that doing so does nothing for your self-esteem and can only bring me down. I don't mean to be a downer but for some reason I'm not as upset as you probably think I am. I'm actually quite content qith my life right now, I've kinda of found myself admist all this "pain" and I figured I could quit my bitchin'. I went to a softball game today, it was awkward because I saw all the old friends of mine I thought I would never want to see again, and suprising enough I was very happy to see them, and them me. Most of my friends don't understand the meaning of growing up and changing into a druggy isn't for the best, it's weird I didn't recognize a lot of my old friends because they were all washed out and I looked burned out (emotionally) myself. My ex-gf from middle school ran up and jumped on me and hugged me, it was awkward... espcially since beth, the stalker girl (lol), was there and got really jealous. I don't know what to do now... 2 days ago nobody wanted me, now all the weird girls do...... that's all for now...
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all the things we talked about, you know they stay on my mind
(on my miiiind)
all the things we laughed about they'll bring us through it every time, after time after time.
dont say a word, i know you feel the same
just give me a sign, say anything, say anything
please dont' walk away
i know you wanna stay
if you'd just give me a sign,
say anything, say anything.

sorry i totally had to. IM HERE FOR YOU TOO KIDDO<3333 youre still spesh-ick-al to me.



November 14 2003, 15:35:59 UTC 14 years ago

you should run away to new zealand instead, waaaaaay cooler than australia ;)
is this justin from like 3 years ago??

justin, how are you? i don't know if you'll get this.
you know the user cacophony?
they dont seem to use that journal
i was wondering if you could ask them to delete it so i can make an LJ community with that name?
I was dicking around reading live journals and what not and I gotta tell ya I love you, You sound hilarious, Hang in there.