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17 December
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My name is justin I'm 18, making me born in 1983. I live on my own, I have since the age of 16. I make a living for myself and don't complain about my offline life much. My mother died almost 2 years ago in a car accident, touchy subject I guess I had it coming.

I'm generally a nice guy, granted I do mess up I try my hardest to fix things.

I am me, deal if you don't like me

I have 2 dogs and 1 cat. an eclipse that's Truely Phat. I wish I could runaway to Australia someday... maybe one day
aim, aol, bff, chicken, cliques, computers, friends. shit like that, fries, hockey, justin, mp3s, my gf, myself, naked woman, poetry, rap, scadaleous porn, sns, sprite, websites, weird peoples

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