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thingie to fill out

:Name: justin
:backwards: nitsuj
:Does your name mean anything?: surely but i dunno
:Were you named after anyone?: you!!! and a DD bra ;)
:Nickname(s): jussy, j man, jus, shithead, mr stud, good in bed
:Screenname(s): fat kiddy (CAUSE IM FAT)
:Date of birth: 12.17
:Place of birth: cambridge mass
:Current location: new hampshire, in the scary woods *shivers* hold me...
:Religion: cathOlic
:Height: 6'
:Shoe size: 13
:Hair color: brown
:Eye color: lighter than before, i think *takes out my eye ball*
:What do you look like?: uhhh a girl with big tits, oh thats my father, wait no i look the samed
:Righty, lefty, or ambidextrous?: both...too lazy to type that out
:How old are you mentally?: TWO and a HALVE (i mispelled on purpose u donkey)
:Describe yourself in 5 words: short, fat, awesome buns, a woman with huge tits
:What are your worst qualities: i had sex with your mom
:What are your best qualities: my ass and tits

Do You Have...
:Any sisters: hmmm had..
:Any brothers: 1 real
:Any pets: yep
:A disease: syphilis
:A pager: no
:A personal phone number: cell and house line
:A leather jacket with studs on it?: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what?
:A heroin needle: YES AND ITS MINEEE.... i mean... no.. YES... no SHUTUP
:A pool or hot tub: yup
:A Car: a couple......

Describe Your...
:Personality: super ultra gay like a superhero gay
:Driving: race car driver... take me on i'll win
:Car or one you want: i have it :) but... i want a more pimped out one
:Room: cluttered but empty i need a girl...in my bed hahaha
:School: i dont go hahahah rebel
:Relationship with your parent(s): one parent and HES A DICK

Do You...
:Believe in yourself?: on mondays
:Believe in love at first sight?: how long is this "sight"
:Consider yourself a good listener: in bed...naked... about to have sex if i listen then get cake afterwords, yes...
:Consider yourself a good friend: yeppers veddy good in bed
:Get along with your parents: NO
:Save your e-mail or conversations: not really
:Pray: i have
:Believe in reincarnation: no
:Like to make fun of people: of course hahaha
:Like to talk on the phone: yeah sure im quiet at first tho
:Like to drive: HELL YEAH MOFO
:Get motion sickness: no.... unless u cant drive
:Eat chicken fingers with a fork: noooo
:Dream in color: yes, of... well... nevermind
:Type with your fingers on home row: HAHAHA home row i thought it said homerun i'm a fuckin retarded monkey.
:Sleep with a stuffed animal: yeah a lot... teehee *continues to laugh like a little girl*

What Was/Is (or Are)...
:Right next to you: a lot of shit, dont ask mother fuck...
:your room: HUH?? i got lost in this question
:On your mouse pad: mmmmmmmmmm my mouse?
:Your dream car: lexus :)
:Your dream date: no comment...
:Your dream honeymoon spot: warm area, comfy sex plac....er bed
:Your dream husband/wife: no comment....
:Your bedtime: uhhhh i rebel til midnight
:Under your bed: 3rd grade stuff prolly and the boogie man... uhhh *runs away*
:The single most important question: how do my breasts look wet,in a pool, under a white see thru shirt???????????????
:Your bad time of the day: while im sleeping
:Your worst fear(s): being alone, andddd spiders...
:The time?: 10:16
:The date?: 6/1/03
:The best trick you ever played on someone?: i tol my teacher i got kidnapped at the hotel on a class field trip, well i told someone else too and he believed it and called the cops and we had to explain to 4388282 ppl that it never happened
:The weirdest food or drink that you like?: vodka, swigged out of a bottle
:The hardest thing about growing up?: being alone... can we drop this i like the humor not the sad stuff
:Your funniest experience: dane cook... mmmm.
:Your scariest moment?: finding out that my sister had a disease and they didnt know what it was
:The stupidest thing you've said?: "how do you drink?"
:The funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of the opposite sex?: i sang, infront of the whole school a song i knew she liked, it was a dumb song but i did it anyways as a freshman... i never got the date but i did get a threatening note the next day... arrr.
:Craziest thing that's ever happened while with your friend(s)?: no comment, but it involves me, a bra, make up, tucking and a camera....and a street corner...
:The worst feeling in the world?: being alone
:The best feeling in the world?: knowing you have the perosn you love forever.... well thats what it used to be...

:Number: 4
:Color: baby blue
:Day: friday
:Month: june
:Song: third eye blind - blinded or smashing pumpkins - believe
:Movie: anything scary
:Food: fetechunni alferdo
:Band: ehhh gc
:Season: summer
:Sport: hockey!!!!!!!!!!
:Class: i graduated so fuckin long ago
:Teacher: nooooooo
:Drink: smirnoff
:Veggie: uhhhhhhhhh
:TV Show: simpsonsss
:Radio Station: 104.1 or 94.5
:Store: pacsun?????
:Animal: cow
:Flower: rose or lily
:State: fl

Love + Relationships...
:Do you have a bf/gf?: ha... no except my right hand
:Do you have a crush?: yes - 2
:How long have you liked him/her?: uhhh no comment
:Why do you like this person?: they're nice and cute and stuff
:If you're single...why are you single?: i'm a loserrr thats whyyy
:If you're not single... give details...:
:How long was your longest relationship?: FOUR YEARS :(
:How long was your shortest relationship?: a week...
:Who was your first love?: cirah
:What do you miss about them?: secret.

The Past...
:Last thing you heard: erin telling me to call her back?
:Last thing you saw: ":Last thing you saw:"
:Last thing you said: "":Last thing you saw""
:Who is the last person you saw?: beth
:Who is the last person you made out with?: secret
:Who is the last person you hugged?: lizzy
:Who is the last person you fought with?: my brother
:Who is the last person you were on the phone with?: erin
:What is the last TV show you saw?: rocko's modern life the fucking coolest show ever

The Present...
:What are you wearing?: wife beater and boxers
:What are you doing?: this survey
:Who are you talking to?: myself.....hahaha
:What song are you listening to?: smashing pumpkins - believe
:Where are you?: my roooooom
:Who are you with?: no one except the elf on my shoulder...
:How are you feeling?: sad - :(
:Are you in a chatroom?: no...what the hell, random??

The Future...
:What day is it tomorrow?: monday
:What are you going to do after this?: talk on the phone
:Who are you going to talk to?: beth or erin
:Where are you going to go?: shift my right cheek of my ass thats the move
:How old will you be when you graduate?: i graduated
:What do you want to be?: ehhhhhhhh non alive
:What is one of your dreams?: to have a goo gf
:Where will you be in 25 years?: dead

Have You Ever...
:Drank?: yes
:Smoked?: yes
:Had sex?: uhhhhh
:Done anything illegal?: yes
:Wanted to die?: yes
:Hit someone?: yes

:Do you write in cursive or print?: depends on the "job"
:What piercings do you have?: ear
:Do you drive?: hell yeahhhh
:Do you have glasses or braces?: nope, sunglasses

:What do you most like about your body?: my stomach....
:And least?: huh my tits
:How many fillings do you have?: none hahaha
:Do you think you're good looking?: no
:Do other people often tell you that you're good looking?: yeah
:Do you look like any celebrities?: no... id unno???

:Do you wear a watch?: yep fossil
:How many coats and jackets do you own?: 3...im a piiimp
:Favorite pants/skirt color?: khaki
:Most expensive item of clothing?: my tux... i bought...
:Most treasured?: my teddy bear my mom and sister picked out togehter for me... uhh no one knows that.,,,
:What kind of shoes do you wear?: adidas or vans... i thinks
:Describe your style in one word: laid back
:How long does it take you get ready in the mornings: 2mins unless i uck with the hair
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